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A Japanese Garden in Oman

25 February 2015

Heian Japanese Garden-1  Heian Japanese Garden-2

  Did you know there is a Japanese garden in Oman? The garden is called the ‘Heian Japanese Garden’ and is located in the ‘Naseem Garden’ which is approximately 60km west of the center of Muscat, between Seeb and Barka. It was created following an idea from a former Ambassador to Oman, H.E. Zenji Kaminaga, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said’s coronation in 2000, in close cooperation with H.E. Abdullah bin Abbas bin Ahmed, former Chairman of Muscat Municipality as well as public and private organizations from both countries.

  The ‘Heian Japanese Garden’ publicly opened its gates on May 31st 2001 and was described as the first authentic Japanese garden in the Arabian Peninsula at the time. It has since become a popular place for picnics. Japanese gardens are known for their calm serenity and peaceful atmosphere as well as deep respect for nature and order. One meaning of the Japanese word included in this garden’s name, ‘Heian’, is ‘inner peace’.

  In February 2015, Embassy staff visited the garden with Ambassador George Hisaeda and his wife, with excitement and curiosity as to how it would look almost 15 years later. The garden is well maintained with characteristics of Japanese Gardens such as stone lanterns, a stone stupa and an arched bridge. Currently, Muscat Municipality is overseeing the garden’s maintenance.

  Around 5000 - 6000 people regularly visit the ‘Naseem Garden’ on weekends, in which the ‘Heian Japanese Garden’ stretches. At the time we visited, huge models of dinosaurs could be seen in the garden for the annual Muscat Festival.

  For any Japan lover, the ‘Heian Japanese Garden’ is truly worth a visit!

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