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  It has been almost one year in Oman since its lifting of all restrictions on COVID-19. Japan, on the other hand, has recently entered into a new phase with removing the border measures and downgrading the infection category. Both countries are now in an era where travels and exchanges can take place without any worries.
Since the beginning of this year, we have already witnessed great variety of visits between these two countries.  To name a few of large-scale delegation from Japan, participants of the World Veteran Table Tennis Championship 2023, two business missions: one mainly from Kansai region led by former Ambassador Kobayashi and the other led by the Japan Cooperation Center for the Middle East, and professors of the University of Tokyo Centre for Middle Eastern Studies. We also received visitors at an individual level, including high-rank officials from corporations and ministries. Further, local media reported the signing ceremony for big project.
Visits to Japan from Oman have become somewhat easy now. In February, Omani youth participated in Ship for World Youth Leaders program in Japan, and in March, a delegation headed by RADM Ali Abudullah Al Shidi, Commandant of National Defence College, and H.E. Dr. Khalfan bin Said Al Shuaili, Minister of Housing and Urban Planning made their visits to Japan respectively.
In April, H.E. Sayyid Said bin Sultan Al Busaidi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth for Culture visited Osaka as the Commissioner General of the Oman National Committee for Expo 2025, and participated in a ground-breaking ceremony. The head of the Oman National Committee is H.H. Sayyid Theyazin bin Haitham Al Said, which is one of the examples to demonstrate Oman’s keen interest in Expo 2025 Osaka. I expect that in the near future, you will see many Omanis everywhere with their lapel pins of Myaku-Myaku, EXPO 2025’s official character, on their chests.
The G7 Hiroshima Summit will be held soon. It is regrettable that there is no participation from the Middle East as a guest country. Having said that, I am hopeful that commitment to peace and prosperity will be discussed and that it will find ways to be shared with the partners on the ground in Oman and other Middle Eastern countries. We will stay committed to singing from the same song sheets more.
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List of Ambassadors of Japan to the Sultanate of Oman

14th H.E. Jota YAMAMOTO (January 11th, 2022 - )
13th H.E. Toshinori KOBAYASHI (October 17th, 2018 - January 3rd 2022 )
12th H.E. Mitsugu SAITO (December 2nd, 2015 – September 9th, 2018)
11th H.E. George HISAEDA (October 14th, 2011 – November 20th, 2015)
10th H.E. Seiji MORIMOTO (June 24th, 2008 – September 22th, 2011)
09th H.E. Keiji OMORI (March 6th, 2005 – June 8th, 2008)
08th H.E. Jiro MORI (November 16th, 2001 – February 19th, 2005)
07th H.E. Zenji KAMINAGA (September 30th, 1998 – October 29th, 2001)
06th H.E. Tadatsuna KODA (November 12th, 1995 – June 7th, 1998)
05th H.E. Akio IJUIN (January 25th, 1994 – October 24th, 1995)
04th H.E. Haruo HANAWA (August 21th, 1991 – January 9th, 1994)
03rd H.E. Takeshi OBARA (April 15th, 1989 – July 10th, 1991)
02nd H.E. Kiyoshi FURUKAWA (March 3rd, 1986 – January 5th, 1989)
01st  H.E. Junpei KATO (March 10th, 1983 – January 17th, 1986)